spam the food!

I'm from Spamtown, USA (Austin, Minnesota) and I think it's fantastic. I ate a lot of it as a kid. Good stuff, just very salty.
its the food of gods
I've never tried it. I thought about buying a can just to see what it tastes like, maybe I will next time I go grocery shopping... I am a little scared to try it though, lol.

I've just cum. :blushing:

I almost brought some of them in Asda / Walmart the other day and i'm glad i didn't - I couldn't handle that kind of excitement!! :D
Budgie? Poor, poor 'keet. How could anyone feed spam with a poor defenseless little parakeet? This has to be the pillar of cruelty! Anyone eating this combo is surly being damaged in some way! OTOH, feeding it TO the budgie, well that's just wrong!
i can honestly say i have NEVER ate it...nor do i ever plan to
Here's a simple Spam recipe for all you scaredie cats:

One can Spam
One egg, beaten
Crushed saltine crackers

Slice the Spam into about 12 slices. Dip each slice in the beaten egg and then coat with the cracker crumbs. Place the slices in a frying pan with a bit of oil over medium heat and fry until brown. Serve with ketchup.

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