speeding train at dusk & wires down

Kevin D Burns

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May 22, 2006
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Top image ran threw neat image, noise removal.
Bottom image hand held, untouched, cropped.

SantosD50 said:
I like #1, but nothing is in focus. But #2 Great Shot! I love the placement of the pole in the sky and really like the cars. Great composition!

Thanks but........The focus point on #one is the (light on the other side of the train) here in Ohio we have Honda MFG a car manufacturing plant. So knowing a train will pass by with a empty car carrier, cars with holes in the sides, I prefocused on the light and waited until i saw a car carrier, car. snapped the image. take another look at the yellow light showing threw the train which is the point of the image.

#2 was a mistake, I was setting up the comp and hit the shutter button. OPPP'S but it came out OK just needed cropping. some times mistakes are the best. Thanks again.

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