speedlite 430ex won't adjust luminosity


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Dec 14, 2020
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Hey guys,
so I own a canon speedlite 430ex, and was at first trying it in the camera hotshoe in TTL. it worked fine, but soon I wanted to get it of camera to light subjects from a different angle. to fire the flash I use a hahnel captur. with the trigger the flash cannot work in TTL, so it automatically jumps to MAN. according to the manual you should be able to adjust the flashes power and accordingly the luminosity (I want to have artistic freedom with my manual camera settings). but the image has the same amount of light at 1/1 as 1/64 (or stop +3 as -3). I did put the flash back in the hotshoe and even in TTL the same problem occurred. so, did I destroyed the speedlite, or is this a fixable problem? and has anyone else had this? all the other functions still work.
Did you adjust the power out put on flash or via camera,
I did some strobe photography and I had my flash off camera and had to make adjustments via the flash as it did not seem to accept info from the camera
Hi, thanks for the response. Yes I made the adjustments on the flash, because the trigger does not support TTL. The numbers do go up and down (f-stop adjustments as wel as manual powe output) on the display, but the results of the photo's were exactly the same.
Ok , I will think again if I get a bright idea I will post for you

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