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May 17, 2010
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Columbus, OH, USA
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This was my third attempt at a splash photo - this time trying to dial in the settings with the utmost care to nail the detail. I thought I would throw it out here, see what people thought, and request any hints from those who have done this sort of setup before – there's always room to improve, clearly. (the cookies came out a bit hot, and I didn't want to burn them much in PS, so... meh.)

C&C welcomed and appreciated. :D

Great splash. At this size, it appears to be well exposed and crisp. It would be awesome with a slight straightening and even "awesomer" if you could see the top of the splash.
Thanks for the comments. I'll post a few of the outtakes later today with vertical shots included. I have this unexplainable draw to landscape orientation. :p
Very neat idea! I like it. Kind of strange

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