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Jun 23, 2011
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Dublin, Ireland
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Hi forum,

My first try with splash stuff, must say was fun to do but messy!
One tip cover-up all things around your stage it will get splashed!

Constructive feedback is appreciated.

$IMG_6942.jpg $IMG_6891.jpg

Grtx Rain.
Tanks for your comments Tecboy :)
1. Damn 2. I love the second one, caught perfectly
Thanks Guys,

For who is interested here my set-up (Sketch)


Hi Buckster,

Smart set-up will do the same next time, I used the speedlite without any diffusion or umbrella just the bare flash.
Can I ask about the reflector in the back what does it lit-up?

Waiting for my elinchrom bxri 500 kit with some softboxes and a new lens (used the Canon EF 70-200 mm 1:2.8 L IS USM for the shots above)

BTW very nice and crisp Pepper Drops, hope to do the same soon.

Grtx Rain.
Can I ask about the reflector in the back what does it lit-up?
I was using it as a flag, just like the black one on the left, to keep light from spilling onto the background from the umbrellas. I wanted to be sure to keep my background the nice, rich blue from the gelled studio light that I'd dialed in with my aperture setting.

I was on a job and staying in a rented cabin in Alabama at the time, and didn't have all my stuff with me, including the stuff I normally use for flags, or my motion triggers. But it all worked out. :)

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