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Mar 25, 2010
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I'm am an amateur photographer who took it up as a hobby and am now becoming obsessed. I just upgraded from a 1000d to a 7d and wanted to get some advice. I was watching some set up videos and I saw some that mentioned recommending switching picture style from standard to faithful for general shooting. What are yalls thoughts?

Also, any other recommended settings for general shooting?
Picture styles only apply to JPEGs, and not to Raw files.

JPEG is a lossy, compressed, 8-bit color depth file type. Eight bits, 11111111, can only code 256 gradations in tone.
The 7D's image sensor captures Raw image data files in a 14-bit depth which can code 16,384 gradations in tone.
In other words, to produce a JPEG image the 7D discards up to 16,128 of the gradations in tone it is capable of capturing.

Tutorials – The RAW File Format

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