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Aug 3, 2012
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Mustang Oklahoma
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Well, we had a great day weather wise to shoot the Oklahoma 5A State title game. I had no skin in this game, just wanted to shoot one more game for the year. (And I had never been to a state championship game.) My goal was to keep improving on the action shots and this time it was to shoot jpeg only, since we had great weather. It was a great game with it being decided on a 30+ yard field goal with time expiring.

Sorry about so many images, I couldn't narrow it down any more.

1) Running back trying to get around the corner.
5A State Champ-55.jpg

2) Lost his footing a moment or two later.
5A State Champ-58.jpg

3) O-Line needs some love too.
5A State Champ-66.jpg

4) Interception to stop a drive.
5A State Champ-355.jpg

5) The other QB seemed to be avoiding pressure all day.
5A State Champ-507.jpg

6) Trying to block a field goal attempt.
5A State Champ-672.jpg

7) The game winning field goal.
5A State Champ-673.jpg

8) Linemen celebrating.
5A State Champ-688.jpg

9) Raising the gold ball.
5A State Champ-720.jpg

10) Reflections of the champions.
5A State Champ-722.jpg


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    5A State Champ-58.jpg
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Real nice set Ron, i'd love to see the QB looking your way in #3. And agree with #10 being nominated.
Good job Ron, always improving.
How about a few more images from this game??

1) Touchdown. (He acts like he's been there before, nice)

2) Get out of my face.

3) The were actually lined up about to score. (And didn't run a QB sneak)

4) Got him leaning the wrong way.

5) I have seen this type image and have taken a few myself, but I just really like how they come out.
Nice shots enjoyed this. Number 10 reflections is great.

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