Stephanie II (Using CBrush Tutorial)

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    This is another shot of Stephanie taken back in February. For this image though I was trying to follow the CBrush workflow tutorial as much as possible in all its intricate detail (and over the space of 3 days and the best part of 4-5 hours). I be first to say that this was more of a learning exercise for me and the result, whilst acceptable, does have room for improvement in it.

    What I have found is that this workflow needs an awful lot of practice to make it second nature, more than that you begin to see how the use of multiple layers can impact each other massively; a seemingly sensible decision early on, can be hard work to unpick later once additional steps have been taken. It has been useful though in introducing me to new parts of Photoshop, and I will take much away that I can use in future pieces of work, particularly some of the many other images I took of Stephanie that day.

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