Storm Shed Needed


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Jan 21, 2009
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Storm Shed Needed by xLeighthalx, on Flickr

A lovely little farm building under attack. Fake infared made the innocent puffy cloud into something a little more sinister.
I am glad you said something about the post processing, my first reaction was "YIKES!!!" I would not want to see something like that coming at me. :)
Nice effect.
Nicely done, the effect of storm is created. I usually do that with good red filter and Tmax 100, (Tmx has higher sensitivity to red than average film.) Too bad, that DoF was too shallow for the sky. At least for me.
I agree on DOF Timor. I adjusted up to f20 for the following shots but by then the cloud was not as dramatic.
Maybe controlling DoF in camera would be better method then trying to fix it in PP. With such a landscape shots is something you should do, I always go for the smallest possible and practical (for given lens) aperture with landscape.
I did adjust DOF in camera. I normally shoot at f16-22 for most landscapes. This one was a quick jump out of the car with whatever was last setting with camera. I have more shots just none where that cloud was in position.
Much better when bigger.
Just beautiful.
(maybe a bit more contrast in the cloud?)

Thanks, I applied a bit of burn and dodge on the cloud. Maybe I need to be more liberal with it. I tend to be pretty timid with these tools.

That's a nice edit Lew. Thank you
Photo it seems that has been taken from a terror movie, may next time with an actor? eheheh
I like it !!!

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