Stormy Sea


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Nov 2, 2007
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British Columbia Canada
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A week ago I went out with a few photographer friends and trollied around Ellison Provincial Park B.C.

The day was pretty cloudy and windy but it made things real dramatic so I desided to go with black and white for all my landscape shots.


Yeah, the sky looks pretty mean! The only bad thing I can say about these is that the horizon looks a little crooked in both of them - the camera appears to have been tilted slightly to the left.
+1 on the crooked, but the shots are nice.
Nice shots! I love the contrast in both of them.
Yeah, the clouds look very dramatic, and they make the photos look almost three dimensional.
Straighten out the horizon and they're good to go! I love dramatic days like these.
These images could be a tad sharper, but overall these are cool shots.
Thanks everyone for your comments! I noticed I have a thing for making my horizons crooked. HA! Got to work on that..
I like the first one. The second is a little dark for me, but i am working on a laptop so could be the screen.
the second one is a bit dark in the right half.

the first one is very contrasty and dramatic. nice.

just the tilted horizon puts me off a bit.

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