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Sep 29, 2006
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Shenandoah Valley VA
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I saw this storm rolling in, got in the car and did a little chasing, trying to stay ahead of it waiting for something good to develope. This is the most colorful of the shots I took.

... Hmm Seems really compressed:raisedbrow: What did you take it with?
I'm using an Olympus C7000 compact P&S. My photos start out pretty good but by the time I get them hear I have lost a good deal. I should be able to do better, I don't want to blame the camera. I keep reading and trying. ron
i like the coloring a lot, but like ScottS said just the compression makes it a lil weird
Thanks, Empress, I thought the color might carry the picture. My photos are getting killed in pp, and although I've figured out a few problems, my losses are still unacceptable. I'm going to use this space to try another picture from the same day.

Your comment encourages me to slog on.

Yes I much prefer the 2nd one - although I think you could try making the tree full black to give a little more contrast
Keep playing, that's the way we learn
Thanks, ancientsnapper. I've been wondering about my monitor set up, the tree is black to me. I've been trying to work on that also. ron
If you want to test it Ron, then have a look at the first few pages on my web site - it deals with monitor set up
Good luck
its amazing that the first shot has crepuscular AND anti-crepuscular rays!

when were these taken?
Beth, the first photo was taken an hour and a half or so before sunset. The change of weather was dramatic, from beautiful, clear sunny day changing to darkness. Below is a picture I took no more than ten minutes prior to the other two, facing South rather than Northwest

lol, i meant when in the year?

i like the picture facing south!
I wondered about that but thought the tops of the corn in #2 was a giveaway for time of year. Overthinking by half. October.

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