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Mar 3, 2009
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So I just bought this Makinon 24mm lens for my Minolta XG-M camera. I took it out for a test shoot today and i found this strange green circular glow in the center of most of my photos. I noticed it happened when there was more light in the camera. I'm an amateur so I really don't know how to fix the problem. Is this just an effect of a cheap lens? Do i need a polarizing filter?

Here are links to a couple of the photos in question:

So there is a red tinted circle appearing in the centre of the negatives also ?

If so, then I suspect that there is some major internal flaring going on. Look through the lens ... can you see any thing about the lens elements ?
I'm looking through the lens and everything seems to be clear--no major scratches or dust specks. When I point it directly at or near the light I see a lot of lens flare. I don't know if that's normal or not. And, yes, there's red in the center of the negatives.
Is centre flare very evident when you look through the viewfinder ?

It could possibly be that the lens has very poor coatings and it is internally reflecting light causing flare.

I am assuming your other lenses do not produce this affect.
I didn't notice the flare when I was taking the photos, but then again I wasn't aware of the problem and therefore wasn't looking for it. But I think I would have noticed the green in the very center of the photograph... well... then again, maybe not b/c that's where the viewfinder's center circle is that I use to help me focus (I'm not sure what it's called).

But no, none of my other lenses have this problem.

What would correct this internal flare? My guess is using a polarizing filter and never setting it to the smallest aperature?
You cannot correct it, as it has to do with the coatings on the lens.

You can try to avoid it.
Lens hood, keep away from direct light, shot in the shade ...

I hope you did not pay a lot of money for it.
$50 (American) on Ebay. Not terrible, but it still hurts. I just got it today; perhaps I can return it and buy a decent lens. Thanks for the help!

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