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Jun 8, 2010
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Barnsley, Oop-Nooerth, UK
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I tend to look at these kids of pictures (I have friend who does them) as demonstrations of the sophisitication of post-processing software. The first one I ever sa was interesting; after that, not so much.
I like the B&W for its sort of hypnotic quality, probably due to removal of the color bringing the background into play.
So, no acknowledgement because I didn't say something nice?

No, not at all. I simply didn't see your reply.

You are at liberty to say anything you like and I don't ignore any critique. :)

Just wondered, if you think this is all about there nothing about setting up the items in the shot first, taking the picture with the knowledge that I would be combining them in this way? The shot has to be taken first to allow the PP to happen.

Cheers, and thanks for the prompt...I will try to make sure I don't miss any comments in future. :)

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