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    Im going to shoot some dunes tomorrow in b&w and want to get a similar effect to this pic:

    Now using the zone system, the way I was planning to do this was:
    Expose for the shadowed side(zone 5 - mid grey)
    Step down four stops to get zone 1 - deep black with no texture

    This will be the first time Im using the zone system in practice, will this work?
    Any tips appreciated!

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    Suggestion: Your film has a zone latitude of about 9 zones.

    1. Determine shadow exposure.
    2. Determine highlight exposure.
    3. If they span 9 zones or less, expose for the average value.
    4. If they span more than 9 zones, use the shadow exposure stopped down 4 stops, as you have stated.

    If you're using roll film, it's a good [and inexpensive] idea to bracket the exposures. It would also be a good idea to take a frame at the highlight exposure plus 4 stops if total range exceeds 9 zones.

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