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Studio Lighting


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Mar 29, 2009
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I've build a home studio i eventually wanna get into flash photography but right now i wanted to just pic up fill lighting just to start with question i have will that be enough. I've been taking pictures without any real light but my 580 EXII and they've come out pretty nice but i know that won't do always I'm kinda lost can someone help me this is the kit i'm looking into for now i have a few back drops already

Photoflex First Studio Umbrella Kit

Two FirstStar 250 watts lamps, Silver umbrellas for maximum light output, Kit stores compactly for ease of transport, 3 Year Warranty.
Price : $399.99

Please help kinda new and lost
I'm building a home studio right now. Like you I struggled with what to buy, how much to spend, what I really needed and what I could put off.

I decided to go with Alien Bee lights as they are considered extremely good lights for armatures and hobbyists. Pro's will use more expensive and versatile equipment that, at least for me, would break the bank.

Here's their website: AlienBees: Illuminating the Galaxy with Professional Photographic Lighting Equipment

Be careful what you buy. If you go with no-name lights they'll likely be pretty cheap and not very reliable. Alien Bees are cost effective and generally considered to be of high quality.

You might start out with a B400, stand, and some light modifiers like a softbox or beauty dish depending on what you want to do. That and a good reflector and you can be up and running in no time. That setup would cost you less than $400 and it will last you a long time. It will also give you a good base to expand on if you decide studio shooting is something you want to go further into. If you decide you don't like studio shooting, you can easily sell your Alien Bee gear for not much of a loss.
It is really great. You are excellent when being able to open a studio. I guess that you are very fond of this job. Don't be worry about it, I believe that it's not very difficult. You can manage it when you practice everyday.

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