Subway Series


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Aug 1, 2005
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Goshen, NJ
Some portraits of passengers in the New York subway. All were candid.


I like these a lot. How did you achieve that look, where everyone but the center subject is blurred?
These shots are cool!! I like the first shot, this guy looks like he wants a piece of you!:lol:
Too cool, and with the lensbaby too, how could they have been candid! It must have shown from miles that you where having a camera to your eye! I really like these, but when I was in NYC of late (why didn't we meet up?), I never really dared to take photos of the kind. Only once I did, very candidly, with my little compact digital camera on my lap, only to receive flak from my husband that I was photographing strangers (groan!). ;)
Thanks for the feedback everyone.
Thanks Chiller. I wasn't aware of that.
LaPhoto: I guess Candid really isn't the right word. Strangers-I-didn't-ask-permission?
Note: If I can take pictures of strangers on the subway in NYC, you should be able to do it to. Shoot first. Ask questions later. If you like, just ask. The biggest meathead in the world will turn into a five year old. Despite thier protests, most people are flattered beyond belief.
David - Great shots - I don't know of this Lensbaby you use but I can produce the same effect using my EOS equipment and an Immage stablised lens with it set on setting 2 and using it horizontally or setting 1 and the camera vertically and giving the camera a twist as I press the button - I use this technique in sports to freeze the ball carrier but throw everything else into progressive blur - it works about 50% of the time.
I'd like to know what equipment you used and the ISO settings

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