Sugar Gliders


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Mar 15, 2013
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My friend let me use borrow her nikon d5100 to play around with and i tried my hand at getting pictures of my sugar gliders!

Not too shabby for a first try i suppose I wish the ears were a bit more in focus but oh well
In the interest of health, wouldn't Splenda Gliders be better? ;) Good start, next time consider not zooming in quite so much and getting more glider in the shot.
they were in their bonding pouch and i kind of shoved the camera in there with them haha ill get some action shots of them during tent time if i can :D
I like the zoomed-in-ness, but if that's what you're going for, it would look more intentional without extra limbs hanging around in the frame. If possible, wither show the animal that goes with the limb (by zooming out as tirediron suggests), or isolate your zoomed in subject more.

Damn cute, though.

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