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Jan 21, 2007
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Bristol , UK
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Hi everyone ,

My first images that Ive uploaded , taken ages ago during the summer in Bristol, UK.
Thought it was about time I had put something on here, and Im quite pleased with these ones......

All comments are welcome



Ooo very cool! I think I'd like to see what the bottom one would look like cropped horizontally.
Hmm.....thanks for the crop...its a tough call... I like it this way I think...but i'm not sure.

What I like about the vertical crop is the breathing room towards the bottom of the bee. But i felt like it was too much breathing room. I also thought that since the thorny plant was too out of focus towards the bottom and not needed as much.

I like the placement of all the key objects with the horizontal crop, but I feel like it needs a bit more breathing room, but only a little bit on the bottom of the bee. Maybe a 1/4" of an inch or so on my monitor. Really not much at all. Basically to match the distance from the wing to the right edge. But perhaps now I'm being (no bad pun intended) too picky?

Which one do you like?
I prefer the vertical one,

I usually go by if a image has a vertical line within it (the thorned branch), then the orientation should be vertical too.

Plus I dont think the bee is in focus enough to get away with that tightof acrop.
I'm a n00b so I'm not in any position to critique but man those images are sweet.

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