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Mar 9, 2011
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Ottawa, Canada
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Here is a highlight package, some of my favourites from this summer. Quite a few images. Swimming at Pan Am Games. Wheelchair basketball, Sitting volleyball and swimming at Parapan Ams. Two pro football games and one Jr football game.

I really liked the slow-speed swimming stuff! Especially liked the formal balance of the first one with the lane markers acting as borders and the face turned up and the water shimmering--such beauty captured. Catching the glint off the goggle's lens was also kind of neat.
Thanks Derrel, appreciate the comments. I've been working on the slow shutter speed stuff on different sports, usually when I get bored or have the time. I was really happy with this stuff, took me a lot of frames to get a few.
What a great set. I particularly like the B&W images, both of them. And the close ups of the swimmers, especially the one with the glint of light off the goggles and the one with the reflection in the water. Some of those type shots are what I like, gives you a feel for what's happening behind the scenes etc. besides all the usual action shots.
What I love about your work Scott is your ability to see and capture the "backstory".
The moments that capture the feelings/emotions of individuals both in celebration, in the action and in the quiet contemplation. Then there are moments/images of the competition, the stadium and the surrounds.
You focus in on the essence of each moment/scene - there are no distractions - just the pure elements.

Super work - I love looking through each image.
Your swimming images are just at another level - I was trying to pick out one that REALLY stood out for me, but I couldn't. I was moved by them all too much to pick one.
Thanks for the kind words. I have been pretty happy with how things have gone this summer. Generally I shoot about 11 football games from June-Nov, but this summer I've been going out with the pro team I shoot for and cover practices 2-3 times a week, working on timing and paying attention to the play calling. During the games I've shot I listen for what the QB is calling and remember from practice, gives me a heads up on where the ball is suppose to be going. It's also translated into better reactions for the other sports. Just trying to improve all the time.
I'd say you know a bit about sports photography ;)


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