Sunrise in Fiji


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May 1, 2006
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Auckland, New Zealand
I took this shot during my visti back home in Fiji last week. Early morning sunrise over the Mountain of Sleeping Giant.
Hallo Sumeet and welcome to ThePhotoForum.
You are sending in some very beautiful photos from a region of this world that we haven't seen here very often, so far. Actually, I don't remember if ever anyone has posted photos from Fiji...
As to this photo in question... it is still quite dark, only the sky is turning bright, and the bright orange border that you chose makes the dark a lot darker. My bright monitor shows me a teensy-weensy bit of definition still, for many, though, the bottom half of your photo will be only a big, black blob. And that is underlined (not to its advantage) by your border. I think I'd much rather see this one without any border at all, or a plain black one at the most (hoping that then what is so dark might come out more?).
Neat pic, but the border kind of overshadows it.. You might consider a plainer one.

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