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    Hello, my name's Fran.

    I'm pretty much 17, I'm not from any particular place - I've moved around a lot. I've always been really into art, of all kinds, and photography has always seemed like a good way for me to express my creativity in the broadest way. My grandfather left his camera, his legacy really, to my mother who never used it much; I picked it up, a Mamiya 35mm, the TLS 1000 MX. I thought it was pretty awesome, but it's a film camera from the 70's in my hands, and I'm total tech-head teenager that spends most of his time in front of a six thousand dollar computer. I tried fooling around with it, and learning how to use it and all, but in the end I just decided to jump forward a couple decades and find myself a digital slr*. That happens to be about a thousand dollar investment initially, I'm well-aware; I've decided to get fully involved in the world of photography as a lifestyle, a career, a hobby, ect..

    Anyway, I was looking for a photography forum to join...seems I've found it, thought I'd introduce myself.

    *I'm deciding between two cameras to get started with, here, maybe you could help? It'd be very appreciated :)


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