Switch on Lumix FZ82 came loose, Any idea what to do?


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Aug 23, 2021
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I was on a walk this morning with my camera, was about to take some pictures when I noticed I couldn't turn the camera on. This lever/button thingy/switch had gotten loose and didn't turn the camera on or off. It totally came off when I tried to adjust it. On closer inspection, it didn't seem like anything was broken or fractured. I tried to reconnect it to the camera but it didn't seem like I could put it on or in anything. I tried to press it against the part of the switch it used to turn, in hopes that the camera would turn on, but nothing happened. To be honest I'm not sure how it worked in the first place. Earlier while walking I stumbled on branch and my camera hit something else I was carrying, which could have had an effect, although Im not sure. As I have said before it doesn't appear that anything is broken yet it doesn't connect to anything. What should I do? Are there any other ways to turn the camera on?

Here's an imgur album showing the switch and where it used to be connected to.

Thanks in advance

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