Sydney (Australia) pics(b&W, photoshopped etc).


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Dec 11, 2007
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Canberra - Australia
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Just went wild and edited some pics I took over last weekend... finally figuring out the inbuilt features in photoshop cs2 (color/exposure/curves) ... would love feedback on the attached pics - anything and everything! I've got a huge desire to learn and improve, so would love feedback (no matter what it is!)

Cheers guys!


these are all looking like snapshots to me... that aside..
1) distracting backround, looks like she's in the middle of saying something, a weird haze\out of focus ring around edges, overall there's more nit-picks i have, fine snapshot, but is that what we're doing here?
2)neat backrounds, weird position of your subject, the (i assume) on camera flash is too shiny on her shirt, and just is overall un-flattering.
3) neat location, fine snapshot, selective colouring just isn't doing it for me.. are we supposed to be focusing on his shirt?? (or the beer on the far ledge?)
4) once again neat location..
overall none of these are really doing anything for me. i'm sure you and they adore them.. but i wouldn't say any of these are frame worthy. i'm not sure these photos are the best examples to play around with photoshop on either.. but good luck to you in the future with your future shooting, i'd like to see more !
Hey JCleveland - thank you so much for your input, it's greatly appreciated.

What do you mean by "snapshots?" - I know the word is fairly self-explanatory (and is probably a highly used term on here), but I'm a bit lost by it's use with my pics? Do you mean the photos aren't staged - and should I possibly coach my subjects a bit more?

Photo 2 is using my Nikon SB-800 angled away from her face ... still a bit bright .. might try bouncing it off my shirt next time to diffuse it a bit more?

Photo 3 - I see your point ... first time I've used the coloring thing ... moderation is key I think :p

What is it about the pictures that isn't doing anything at all for you? Is it the technical side, or the actual base, artistic (or lack of artistic) elements to them?

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