Tahquamenon Falls


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Mar 23, 2012
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SO this time around at the falls I employed some motion blur. I don't have a ND filter yet, so I stacked a green and red filter my friend gave me to give me a slower shutter speed. These stacked filters affected my sharpness a bit, and it was a very windy day so the trees moved a lot... but otherwise... what do you think?





I would like to see them in color too, but I think you can understand my reasoning for B&W. Welcome to C&C.

The time of day is not really optimal I think...much of the main subject is in shadow, which in B&W can sometimes look rather gray and nondescript. I like the first one's use of the light the most; the others have as I said, the majority of the waterfall in shadow...and the images look what is often called "muddy". You were successful in getting the shutter speed slowed down enough to create very noticeable motion blur on the water. Technically, these are good. Artistically and aesthetically, these are not that great. BUT--you did manage to use your tools (camera,filters,tripod, lens) very technically appropriately, and got nice motion blur AND decent exposures. It's just that the light is not that interesting. So, I guess these are an excellent lesson? Nobody else has said anything...
I'm not real comfortable giving critiques, because I don't think my skill level where it should be. But since you've asked a couple times & only have one response, I'll give it a try, so take this how you want.

I think the captures were a good exercise in getting the motion blur. I don't really see anything wrong with the capture. I think the scene itself is pretty boring even though it's a waterfall. In the first, there is some spray, but the surrounding tree's/clouds aren't anything special. At a different time of day or different weather, this might be different. The others are pretty much all water. I think a different vantage point & composition with some interesting light would be needed to make it a great photo.

I think what you have is a good first step in understanding the technique, now you just need to find a scene that will benefit most from it.

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