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Nov 4, 2006
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I will be getting a holga in the next few days. I also found a place that makes holga lens mounts for my xt so one of those are on the way as well.

As for now, below are my current holga looking images using an xt and a canon 28mm lens.

I'd love to hear what you think.



They look pretty awesome, I especially like the first one.

How did you pull off the "holga look" with your xt? I've got one as well and would like to try this.
The first one looks really good and I think the vignetting works okay with this.

The foreground is too busy for me in the second one and takes away from the impact.

I think that's a pond in the middle on the last one but it looks like a gnarly mess without any definition. A lot of noise in the sky as well.

They are supposed to be noisy, messy and not good. The first one just ended up not having too much noise.

I tryed to keep it a bit random like with a real holga.

A real holga is a beautiful, train wreck of a camera.
A real holga is a beautiful, train wreck of a camera.

that is why I love to use them and hope to get my own very soon

I tried messing around with my one of my digital shots a while ago and came up with this


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