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Taken from the Air


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Mar 25, 2009
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Hi all,

First couple of photos here, just signed up on photobucket so heres my first few...I don't claim to be a pro...far from it! looking for ways to improve so any comments would be really useful,

1.This was taken on a flight in Arizona after a storm.

One of the main probs with takin photos from the plane is I keep gettin glare/reflections of the windows, its ruined so many good photos, I need to get to grips with Photoshop anyone know a suitable tool on there?


Again more rain in the desert.
cool thanks, how do the colours look to you? I use a Canon 450D and find a lot of the images I've taken look kinda washed out and very faded almost. I think its a combo of the fact they are taken in the desert so obviously theres a lot of light but I dont think the camera deals with it too well either.
Is your monitor calibrated?
The colors don't look faded to me -- actually, I'm pretty impressed. You might have some color-calibration problems (or might be viewing them in a problem that doesn't do color management correctly).

The photos ARE a bit dark and muddy, but I can understand that with the massive dynamic range they need. Overall, I'm pretty impressed though.
thanks all for the comments, my monitor is just a basic laptop monitor so its not calibrated to show true colour, it is just how it came from the factory. Those two pictures I posted don't look too faded but a lot of the other photo's Ive taken when there is a lot of light came out looking quite faded in general, ill try get an example on here for you. I think it could be the lens that I use with the camera is just not high quality (its the standard lens) and it struggles with large volumes of light.

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