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Feb 4, 2012
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Hey Everyone. This is my first post so let me take this opportunity to say HELLOOOOO :)

I have been taking pictures for around 2 years on and off. The only reason I say on and off is because I don't like taking pictures of just anything. I love taking them of animals, landscapes, landmarks, nature and so on. I am not one to that enjoys taking pictures of people but have taken them of a wedding once for a friend.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask, I have a Nikon D5000 which was advised since I was a beginner and it has a very intuitive GUI (Graphical user interface). The camera really helped me understand what ISO I need and when, what shutter speed and Fstop I would need. Living in London, I don't get much chance to use it. I went to Namibia 2 years ago and took over 1000 pictures in 2 weeks. I loved every minute of shooting. I want more of that, I want to capture more memories and stunning pictures, so I decided to not just wait until holidays and special events to really use the the camera, but to buy magazines and follow projects that they recommend on there. Do you recommend I stay with this Camera or shall I move onto the next model? What would you that is? Do I even move from Nikon to Canon? If the next model up for me is a Canon, then so be it.

Please let me know what you think? I will be posting pictures of my trip 2 years ago, and more when I take them, so will be a regular visitor to this forum!

Sorry for rambling. :)
Reading your post, I have more questions than answers so, perhaps it might be helpful for you to know what those questions are.

Why would you want to buy a new camera when you say you don't get to use your present camera much?
Why does living in London mean you don't get to use your camera often?
What would you hope to gain by buying another camera? Have you outgrown the D5000? Does the D5000 lack features you want?
If you are happy with Nikon why change to a new system, especially if you have lenses and other Nikon kit?

When I bought my first camera (D40) I found it hard to resist all the accessories and spent quite a lot of money on stuff I didn't need or use much. In the end I donated the stuff I didn't use to a camera club at a local school so they weren't completely wasted! My point being though, that it is very easy to get carried away with buying new kit when the whole point of photography is getting out and using the camera and kit that you have.

So, I think you should dust off that D5000 and start using it. Wait until you have outgrown the D5000 and you know exactly what you want in your next camera before you part with your hard earned cash.

I would like to see some of your Namibia photos but, like many on here, I do not click links. You would probably get a better response if you posted a couple of your favourite Namibia photos. If you are happy to post your images it is perhaps best to mention whether you want critique or whether you are just sharing your favourite holidays photos.

Welcome to TPF :thumbup:
Good Morning,

Thank you for your reply. I do feel I have grown out of the Nikon D5000. It's an entry level camera and I believe I am ready for the next step. But, you are right, I don't take enough pictures to warrant selling this one and buying something upgraded. Truth is, I love my camera and I have realised I need to stop waiting for holidays and the sort to take pictures, and just take the camera with me, most places I go. There could be opportunities for beautiful pictures everywhere!

So I am going to listen to you and dust the D5000 and start using it more, once I feel I need to move on, then I will revise it.

It's snowing in London, so I thought, why not take this opportunity to take some shots? I would like to put them on here but don't want to link them. Since you guys don't like that. Can you point me in the right direction where I can find the answer as to why the forum errors with *Not Defined* when I try to upload them?


Hey Everyone,

So, I have made a decision. I want to move forward in photography and aim to start making money from it. Not like a full time job but you get what I mean. I have been asked to do events, band shoots, family shoots and even a wedding! All of these I have turned down. The reason I have turned these down is because I want to first go on a photography course. Now, I do not want to go on this course with my Nikon D5000 because sooner or later I am going upgrade. I would much rather attend the course with the camera that is going to be used for such paid events. I have been researching high and low and the camera that really stands out to me is the Nikon D7000. My price mark is ÂŁ1000. In my eyes it beats the Canon 550 and 600. What do you think. And ultimately do you think a 7000 is good enough for weddings. Obviously good lenses are key!

Please please please reply!!
The D5000 is still a reasonable camera, personally I would spend the money on faster lenses. But thats me.
Reasonable is not what I want. I want better quality. And I want to move away from an entry level camera.
What lenses do you own?
I only own the standard 50mm that came with the D5000 and a Tamron 70-300 tele-macro lense. Will that fit the D7000?
50mm f/1.8? In the U.S. the "standard" lens that comes with the D5000 is the 18-55 f/3.5-5.6, so I'm not sure which 50 you're referring to.

I'll give you MY opinion, but I doubt you'll like it.
Keep the D5000 for the time being.
By your own admission, it has spent much of its time languishing in a closet. You rarely ever use it, and yet you feel you've "mastered it?"
And now the urge has hit you to take it out, start taking more pictures, and "make money from them."

My best guess is that if you go ahead and buy the D7000 now, by this time next year, IT will be sittting in the closet, neglected and unused.

I have a D5100. An entry-level camera. And I have been doing photography for 30+ years. Sometimes, it's just NOT about the camera. Eventually, I will move up, to the D7000 or maybe something else. But I don't *need* to do that right now to get better photos, and neither do you.

Keep the D5000. Buy better glass. What about flash? Do you have one? Do you know how to use it? And I don't mean the little one that pops up when you need it?
Do you shoot raw? How are your post-processing skills?

My guess is that there is a LOT you could continue to "master" with that D5000...then, six months or a year from now, if you are STILL actually *using* it the way you "envision" yourself doing, and you still want to upgrade...go for it.
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I concur with sm4him on this. My suggestion would also be to first buy yourself a good lens. You may be able to pick up a used 70-200mm f/2.8 VR-I with that 1000 pounds you are looking to spend on a new body. You could also look at a used 17-55 f/2.8 DX lens which would be good for shooting events closer up and landscape as well. Your images will benefit more right away from getting better glass. A new body can wait longer - I only got a D7000 because my D50 was getting pretty old. I wish at this point that I had A LOT more money to get better glass. Would I like to upgrade to a D4 when it comes out? Sure. I'd rather keep my D7000 and buy a couple grand worth of better lenses instead. Glass is key and glass holds value if you buy Nikon. You can then save up and buy a new body next year. The D7000 has actually gone UP in price since I bought mine last spring. If you use yours another year it may have come down by then or you can get a nice used body for much less. Your D5000 will hold up for another year.

Hey. Thanks for the reply.

You are correct, the standard lense is the 18-55. My apologies.

Just reading through the thread again, I never actually mentioned mastering the system, nor that I felt I had, so not to sure where you got that from.

The reason it wasn't used as much (not at all, just as much) is because I wanted to only take great pictures, like when going on holiday, or to a specific location, but I have changed that now, and take the 5000 everywhere. That in itself does not warrant me to buy a new camera and I understand that.

I understand also where you got your guess from, in the terms of me neglecting it in the closet, but I can promise that it will not be the case as I have recently said, I have taken a different light to photography.

If I buy different lenses will they work with a D7000, when I choose to upgrade? The other reason I wanted to upgrade is the lack of a built in motor on the 5000, meaning the lenses cost more.

Flashes is something I haven't used before, again is there a point in buying one now, that may not be compatible with the D7000? Or are the generally?

I do shoot raw, and my PP is beginner.

Again don't know why you choose the word master...

As I mentioned before, I want to take a class, and would love to learn with the camera I am going to be upgrading to. You yourself admitted you would probably go for a 7000 and you have been doing this for 30+ years! So it must be a good choice.

I also want the D7000 for feel, and easy access button interfaces. The D5000 is to small in my hands and I want something a little more bulky.

Thanks again for your reply! Keep em coming!
People are letting you know what they think and yet you are dismissing them. Upgrading to a D7000 has it's benefits but you have some really low end lenses there. You are better off spending the money on better lenses then spending it on a body AT THIS POINT. Any lens you buy for the D5000 will be compatible with the D7000. At what you are willing to spend i would invest in a used Nikon 17-55mm. Pretty much the top DX lens, great for landscape, portraits, travel, low light etc etc
The only thing I was dismissing fsquare was the main fact of the word mastering. The fact it was in " is even worse.

So, moving away from the body and on to lenses, what about the Nikon 18-200mm VR? Would you sell the Tamron after?
The 70-200mm f/2.8 is real expensive. A fantastic lense without a doubt though. Is there anything that is slightly cheaper? That is still a Nikon and not a Sigma/Tamron
I did not say the 70-200mm. I said the 17-55mm f2.8...look for one used. I would sell your 18-55mm and possibly keep the Tamron for now. I generally see the 17-55mm used for about $900-1000 USD.

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