tamron 200-400 5.6 ld lens with nikon mount


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May 14, 2007
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I am the orginal owner of this lens and it is in lovely condition.

Haven't used it in years and it needs to be used and so a new home. I tested in on my D700 and it is working, it was usually used on f100's so it will certainly work on newer cameras if they have auto focus available.

It includes lens caps , mount cap and lens hood. Glass is clean.

Last year i was thinking of selling this and just put it off, but was using KEH as a guide for cost. At that time they were listing this lens for $170 so i thought $160 would be fair, recently i went back to some research and was shocked to see what people wanted for this lens.

However, I am going to stay with my orginal price as I want the lens to be used .I am not a dealer and don't need to make a profit to keep the lights on.

$160 plus shipping

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