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FS: Bronica ETRS Kit (w/case and 3 lenses


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Aug 30, 2010
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I hate to do it, but I need to liquidate some of my equipment. The list below is for my Bronica ETRS camera system. Details are below, but purchase includes a hard travel case. I purchased this item in 1986. I am a former Navy Photographer. This equipment has traveled across the US and to Hawaii with me. It is in very good condition and all the equipment works. If you want better pictures to judge the condition of items let me know and I can email them to you. .

Bronica Body ETRS
Bronica 120 film back w/original box
Bronica 120 film back
Bronica Speed Grip Speed Grip - E
Bronica Viewfinder AE- II
Bronica MC 250mm lens F/5.6
Bronica 40mm lens F/4
Bronica MC 75mm lens F/2.8
Bronica Polaroid land pack film back w/original box
Bronica Waist Level Finder-E w/original box
Bronica Lens Shade
Instruction manuals for AE-II, Polaroid Back ETRS & Speed Grip-E
Make Description
Cokin 1/3 yellow filter
Cokin 3 red filter
Cokin square filter holder
Cokin 62mm adapter ring
Cokin 58 mm adapter ring
Tiffen Filter carry case
Vivitar 62mm polarizing filter
Hoya 58mm polarizing filter
Hoya 58mm star-six filter
Hard Carry Case. Color (Gold) With lots of stickers of past travels on it.

To see pic:
Bronica ETRS Kit (w/case and 3 lenses

Contact Ron Compton [email protected] if interested.
Most people on here won't click on links, your better off posting the pictures into this thread. :biggrin:
Most people on here won't click on links, your better off posting the pictures into this thread. :biggrin:

I know I, myself, wouldn't click on your link when this is your first post. And although I like your set up, I probably wouldn't buy from you for the same reason. Who are you?

Last but not least, what's with the best offer? If I offer you 25 cents and nobody bids higher, am I going to get it?

Doubt it. So naming your price and adding OBO might work better.
OK so I'm interested in an item but....

I see you listed it on Craigs list so why bother posting it here? Generally people sell their wares here first then post it on flea bay n Craigs list.

Anyway, how much do you want for the 40mm lens?
I belong to several forums, for various interests, other than photography.
Proper protocol usually means introducing yourself in the introductions section, a little about your interests, other than spamming your items for sale all over the place, then splitting. It's a good indicator of your lack of any interest in this forum, other than selling your stuff.

I'm not sure why, but this is the only forum I belong to that doesn't require at least 25 - 50 significant posts, before even being allowed to post in the for sale sections.

It stops "shotgunning" of sales, if you don't understand that term it is like the old proverbial version of throwing enough $hit on the wall and sooner or later something will stick.

I can give you the name of a photo site that really sucks, if you must spam. If you must slap everyone on this site who bust their butts to spend precious time giving honest critique, those who offer up their time to help less experienced people with technical info, help with their new gear, "how to's" posts, etc., that you show no lack of respect for this forum, but just a piece of software floating on the web for your convienince in selling your stuff.

To these people who have posted hundreds to several thousands of posts, to contribute to the community of this forum, I wish they would 'gang ban' you.

As far as the best offer bidding goes, I'll top the last bid with $1.00, only if you are willing to send your equipment to a clearing house, for thorough inspection, before receiving your payment, in pennies.:thumbdown:

Have a nice day.

Never answered my PM nor this posting.

Hang em high, let em fry!

If this is who I suspect it is, I never got paid for a Yashicamat I sold to him while on deck the Kitty Hawk, "check is in the mail." I just chalked it up as a donation to our service men abroad.

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