Tango in Spain


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Sep 6, 2010
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The Netherlands
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I took this one a while ago while I was living in southern Spain. I have a blow up of it hanging in my livingroom.

I wonder what you think of this photo

I'm with Bram here, I want her shoulder inside the frame! I don't want it cropped. I like how the light plays on it and her arm. Also I didn't feel the original was too dark so that it needed to be brightened.

You don't happen to have any more poses of this couple, like a full view of them (whole bodies)?
if you hadn't told me they were dancing i would be clueless
if you hadn't told me they were dancing i would be clueless
+1... Are they dancing? I feel as if they're held in pose falling asleep waiting for you to hit the shutter.

The photograph is not particularly compelling.
Might I suggest a little photoshopping? Get rid of that light patch in the lower right and I think you will find the image much more focused. Do the same in the upper left and the image will be even stronger.
How can you guys not see they are dancing? People don't just wear those clothes for fun, this is Tango. Come on learn some culture. I think this photo is perfect cropping takes everythign away from it, and get rid of what light? Taking away that light would also take away from the photo. The part that matters is in focus and it's a great photo.

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