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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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So, after I put some money into my vehicle (speed sensor assembly replacement and a HID upgrade for my lights), I'm thinking I'll have $800 left. I'm a landscape/nature hobbyist photographer and don't do too many portraits, but I would like to at least get some practice in. I'm not willing to go out and buy thousands of dollars worth of portrait equipment for something I just want to practice with. So, considering my lens adapters have held up nicely and the company seems to be awesome, I'm looking at buying this: Fotodiox Professional Photography Supplies and Equipment

Does anyone have any better suggestions? Its just for practice. I have a few backdrops already. Just need some lighting. So far all I can do is natural lighting which limits when I can shoot considering its winter in Northern Minnesota and I have a day job when the sun is out.
I can't speak for the quality of those units; they look like fairly typical consumer units, and the price is great, but two things jump out at me: 6' light stands and a 60watt modeling light. If you're going to light a typical 6' person, you'll want at least an 8' stand, and I would recommend getting 12' units so that you don't have to use them at full extension. The 60 watt modeling light seems wayyyyy under-powered to me. I think I'd have to go along with 2-wheel's suggestion.
Will do, thanks guys...

I'll do some more research about the light power needed for basic portraits. I didn't think to check on the light output of those fotodiox units I guess.

I'm a geek and the height issue could be dealt with if needed pretty easily (if not a little sloppily) but I do agree it would be easier just to get a taller stand. I don't care about looking "professional", like I said, its just for practice anyhow.

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