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Team Photo, Basketball

Thanks @gryphonslair99!
Thats the first thing my wife said too; can you add light to that wall! Could have centred the text also.

The 200WS Neewer Tornado Could Barely light the scene at f8 15'. Added a speedlight at full power, f7.1, 35mm, should have switched/ tried @ 70mm but I forgot to move lights, became a racket and ran out of time.

As good of an excuse as any to get another mono-light. I add gear when I add a need and run out of options.
Slowing the shutter from 1/200th to 1/150th or 1/100th would also have provided more ambient light.
[Because they want off that bench and are not made of Acrylic ( or whatever Mr. Vinchi used to paint with).

I did try one other composition though your right I do not want to be doing pure straight edge photography. Without an assistant I'm glad I didnt try to many lighting and only one posing scenarios, its a lot of running around when 20+ people are watching you.... almost a work out! I get your point but the last supper pic kinda made me think TROLL, then wtf, then ah ok I guess lol.


I was just trying to suggest you try something different while you had them together.

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