Tethering your Nikon?


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Sep 13, 2014
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I have a Nikon D810 and an iPad Air. I am interested in tethering the two, but I suspect my options are quite limited. I believe that iPads can only be tethered with the use of Jailbreak software (I definitely do not want to go down that road). I'm open to purchasing a new Andoid-based tablet, which are more easily tethered.

I'm just wondering what options the community are using, or would recommend for the tethering of your Nikon to a tablet?
  • What tablet you use/recommend?
  • What tethering software you use/recommend?
  • Wired or wireless tether?
  • What kind of tripod-based mounting/clamping system you use/recommend?
Yeah I looked at the CamRanger, the problem I personally have with it is that it has that extra unit/hardware component that needs mounting somewhere.
I was under the impression that the unit needed to be hard-wired to the camera, seems like I am wrong about that?
I was under the impression that the unit needed to be hard-wired to the camera, seems like I am wrong about that?
No, you're not. The little modem does connect via mini-USB to the camera, but all I do is get a longer USB cable so the modem will sit in my pocket. Since you're always goign to have some sort of cable when you're tethered, it doesn't seem like any huge inconvenience to me.
I don't think I want to tether myself to the camera! :allteeth:
Does anybody know of a way of hard wiring an Ipad to a Nikon D810? I don't need the tether to be wireless, I want the iPad right next to the camera mounted below it on a tripod leg using a clamp. My fear is that there are technical barriers making this difficult/impossible. I'm trying to avoid additional hardware like the CamRanger.
No. Have you checked apple's site for a cable that might do what you want? If you don't find one then it would be a good guess that it can't be done.

The only way I see this happening is with a Surface Pro. Far more expensive than the cam ranger, but it's your money. The other option would be getting something like an mac book air.
I could connect an Android-based tablet directly to the D810 using an OTG USB cable, right?
Possibly, go to Best Buy and talk to the computer folks that deal with the Surface Pro's and talk to them.

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