That Sunset ruined my Power Line shot!


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Jul 12, 2010
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Maryland, US
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Just playing. This picture grew on me over a period of time. Funny how they do that. I did a little PP work from the original to give the sky a little more saturation. I'm still very much learning the PP ropes (more like rope bridge of death), but baby steps....

C&C is always welcome!

I kinda like this. :) I wish that scraggly tree on the left wasn't there, but it's not too distracting.
I guess I think a lot like misstwinklytoes. If that foliage wasn't there, this would be an epic capture. But you can't do anything about that.

Great pic!
Those damned gorgeous sunsets, getting in the way of perfectly awesome power lines...,man, it's enough to drive a person batty!!
Awww, poor you: boring sunset getting in the way with your lovely shot of some powerlines ;) ;) ;)! How about a conversion. When it's all black&white the sunset might no longer be as intrusive? ;) ;) ;)
agreed with above posts great shot just clone out that little tree...
Those sunsets are really annoying! They're everywhere! Every time you think you've got a nice shot, you get home and find there was a sunset in the picture.
Thanks a lot everyone for the hilarious comments and your critiques!

I'm still on the fence about the tree in the left and the trees in general. On one hand, I like the silhouettes they provide. On the other, they DO pull your eye away a bit from the reason for the shot. But I generally think they add to the shot, IMO.

Concerning the tree in the left corner, I can see how it sticks out in a "one of these is not like the other" but in context this was in Mid-October. I'll take a stab and attempt to clone it out.

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