The Cash Point indoors


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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The colour version of this b&w nighttime photo had way too intense reds. The red S of "Sparkasse" was overpowering, and so were the little red "stop men" of the traffic lights.

It took me a while to come to this conversion (Channel Mixer and more), do you think I have "arrived"?

i think if you aligned the road with the bottom of the picture and cropped it to fit the picture, it would be better, but still very good
I went by the upstairs windows when I aligned the photo (had not aligned it well enough in-camera :oops: ). Do you think that was the wrong reference point? The street goes down just a little in that stretch...
top notch conversion there's so many verticals in this shot I think the levels should be taken off them, this would mean a slight rotation to the left.
The top row of windows being parallel with the top, but the road not being parallel to the bottom is a little odd feeling, like a fun house mirror. Especially since (judging by the amount of building below the lower windows), there doesn't appear to be much of a hill. It makes the building look squeezed on the left. Put a little angle back in the top windows - life isn't all straight, parallel lines. But I was thinking to crop/stretch the photo to get rid of the sidewalk in the lower left - like you had taken the shot closer to the curb.
Better now?


Bravo! It's like you pulled the image out of my head and posted it!
Ahhhh. Good then (*big sigh of relief* !!) :D
i think your second cropping with the street aligned to the bottom of the frame looks much better!

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