The clouds came back


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Jul 24, 2011
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The over radiance from the bright region disturbs an otherwise lovely colorful shot

regards :D

That was my intention. Maybe it didn't result.
Just too many elements, which translates into just to busy of a picture. My eyes just wander all over the place. The beach line with the house runs right through the center of the picture, while the sand & grass below the wood walkway serves no real purpose, yet is distracting. I would crop the image so that the wooden walkway is at the bottom of he picture. That would effectively lower the sand line with the house to the lower 1/3 of the picture. If you have a HDR imaging program, you can still do some tone mapping with a single image to add some additional POP to the sky.
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Dear Actinometro
Once an image is posted and much of discussion is made on it, better not to remove it because those who visit later would be confused about the discussion below the image ; so better post it in chronology :D
You are right !

Thank you.
Do you realise that the brightest part of the image is grey, and blown out?

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