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May 24, 2013
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Off camera flash $DSC_2434-2.jpg$DSC_2446.jpgThoughts? C&C?

I really like number one, it invites me to look closer. Nice one!
For a first go-'round, they're both very well done. I think #1 has a little more interest, but I see appeal in each.
First looks a little soft, And I think could be improved with softer light that lights up the right side of her face a little more.
Light looks a little harsh on the second too
I was going for soft, lowered the clarity in LR. Any speedlight attachment softboxes that you reccomend?
You can find some cheap ones on amazon that include a lightstand attachment and all
This is a relatively small one.
You could also get an umbrella for even cheaper, I got one for like three bucks the other day.
That doesn't include the stand though.
I'd normally pick softboxes over umbrella because you have a lot more control of the light but umbrellas are just easier sometimes.
any thoughts on the gary fong? I like to pack light, but I have heard really mixed reviews on that, but it sure does look compact
Thats more of an on-the-go thing, I've thought of that too.
It's more for bouncing light around a room though, not for direct, soft light, So it could be a little difficult to control.
The light still wouldn't be very soft from one of those though because it's still a relatively small light source.
Larger light source, Softer light.
true that, I guess that cowboy studio softbox looks pretty affordable, thanks for the link
I really love the first one, it is beautiful! the light creates a special mood!
Thank you! The first picture is very special to me too, it's my future missus and the second one is of some of our friends

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