The evening run in Moscow


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Dec 2, 2007
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Russia, Moscow
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I shot this picture in the evening in autumn last year.
I selected place of photography, but it wasn’t anything.
And suddenly I saw this red runner…

It is the University Building again?
I like how the sky looks like lead. So grey. So heavy. It is going to rain again any time soon. But the runner runs. Tiredly, but she (?) runs. The only person around! No one else (save one "crazy" photographer ;) ;) ;) ) is out there, but she runs! Good! :D
No, it isn't the university. It's another high building of Stalin.
This house is habitable.
Oh. I think it looks quite similar, though ... actually I went back to your other thread to check before I typed my question. Are there several buildings like this one (and the University) in Moscow?
nice, i remember walking right where he is running :)
On a photographic note... The thing that saves this from being a postcard art shot is the runner. From cold sterile shot of the buildings to send home with wish you were here, to a more human image. Needless to say i like it. Took me a while to figure out why but I do like it.

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