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The eye that sees the world

Emanuel M

No longer a newbie, moving up!
Mar 19, 2015
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Nothing better than the look of a child for us to describe the world.
Taken with the old D3000 + 55-200.

by Emanuel M, no Flickr

But it was my first edition like this.
Usually go full B&W or color, but on this one i loved the result.
My godson has the most beautiful eyes ;)

To be a really good photographer, one has to learn to be objective as much as possible about one's own work.

For you and your family and friends this may be absolutely beautiful and meaningful.
To others who have none of these feelings that you have, it will always be a cliche.

I'm fairly certain that you want to hear the truth from 'us.'
I got carried by the moment ;)
I am new to this world of photography (i started this 2 or 3 years ago when i found my wife's D3000 laying around the attic :p).
Since then i have been improving and becoming more in love with this art.
I have so much to learn and of course i am here to hear the truth.
You can be hard with me, i won't get hurt ;)
I understand what you are saying.
Thanks for keeping in advising me, that's why I'm here.

Everyone has personal pictures that they love and no one else would care about.
The value of being here is that our comments can help you see your work through other people's eyes.
Whatever you do with that perspective is your own choice.

It is a pleasure to meet someone like you here who has an adult perspective (no pun intended) on what he creates.


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