The 'Force Awakens' is coming to theater near you!

R u excited!!!!
No. I've not paid to watch a movie in a theater for many years. The disappointing third episode was one of the last that I actually paid to go see in a theater. That was such a bad movie that I think I can be quite happy not seeing any of the other later episodes.
Nope, I could careless and can't wait until all StarWars stuff is off my newsfeeds.
I AM!!!!!!!!! been a fan all my life. Ive avoided all news about the new film so I can go in with zero expectations. IMAX 3D on the 31st :D
WUT? Have not heard a single word about this new Star Trek movie!
Are you sure there's a new one? I though Nemoy had died?:1398::1398::1398:
There actually IS a new Star Trek movie coming, though it's rather rightfully been overshadowed by Star Wars.

You bet your ass I'm excited!!!! Third movie I'll have seen opening night, and they're all Star Wars. There's NO way it can be as bad as Episode One. No possible way.
"The Force Awakens." Sounds like what happens to me after a couple bowls of chili. :biglaugh:
gsgary said:
No Star Wars was crap

Yeah, just ask any of the one billion people who bought tickets to see it...they'll all tell you the same was crap.
I give, I give...I was old enough for the first one!!
(By a long shot..The original in movie theaters, not pre-quells, se-quells, whatever's...)
For Jabba the Hut, our son was really scared when we took him to that!! He might have been ?8-9? ( born '78) but wanted to see it and get Christmas presents of Star Wars stuff.
Now he is 38 and we will probably go see it.
I AM an original Star Trek fan though. The commardiere of the original Shatner, Nimoy, 'Scotty', Doc, can NOT be beat! Their bond is undeniable !
My niece/God-child in LA is over the top for Star Wars movie.

I will be at movie theaters to see Ron Howard's version of 'The heart of the Sea' which is a great book. Local lore as I spend time in the Cape Cod area.
In Jan-Feb- is 'The Finest Hours' which is a book also about a tanker that breaks up and needs 35 crew rescued. MSwnowy had seen the filming of a scene done in his area near Cape Cod.
LOOKS great!!
Thanks MSnowy for showing that and info :)
May the force be with you as you live long and prosper :)
Am I a diplomat or what ..... ;)
Going to see it tonight at midnight. Granted I normally wouldn't go to see a midnight show these days, but it's the only way to see it as we don't have a babysitter out here. I'll see the midnight showing, then my wife will catch it on her way home from work tomorrow. ;)
According to the reviews this movie is sectioned towards "women being better than men" "we all have inner demons" and apparently it's a big deal that a black guy is a main character??? Which... I found....odd that that was an issue since mace windu was one of the top jedis.....and was played by Sam Jackson.

I'm disappointed that a Star Wars movie review is about these political issues because I just want to see a badass movie.

Now. After that, I heard it was fantastic and even Lucas approved of it highly.

Has anyone read the books??

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The first, Episode IV, came out while I was still in the Navy. A few of us rolled off the ship and into town to see it. From there, I've seen each in the theater as they came out, and I'll do the same with this one, but at an IMAX in 3D.

I've not been wow'd as much as I'd really like to have been with the Lucas-produced SW movies when it comes to some of the choices made along the way through the series. I've really enjoyed Abram's work though, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with this.

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