the forlorn fly, c&c please


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Oct 4, 2009
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i realize that i will not be as good as a technical macro shooter as the pros for some time, and a ton of practice, so i decided to chase after interesting compositions instead, and play with off camera lighting for macro. here is my first attempt at pictures that tell a story instead of just going for only capturing the shot.


i think it would have been better with the flies reflection in the window however, i did not think about that before the shot, so i used flash which destroyed his reflection.
Thats a good shot. Nice detail. It has the "outside looking in" thing going on.

Personally I think a square crop makes for a stronger comp and image. More focus on the subject without eliminating the window. Still, a good shot either way. :thumbup:

Good shot, I bet he is gazing at the trash can thinking I bet that smells good lol.
yeah, it was a little sad actually, he was blying between about 8 windows in our house stopping like this at each one, and trying to get out to no avail.

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