The future of photography has arrived!

Great, now we get to look forward to poster sized instagram snapshots. But then again the phone is working on the Windows OS, so there may not be anything to worry about. lol
Now it will be a toss-up between them and Harley-Davidson as to who makes the most noise ;)
"The Lumia 1020 has a 41-megapixel camera, allowing users to take crisper pictures and video through a technology called “oversampling,”"

Oversampling eh? sounds a lot like resampling, what a crock.
Not even going there... people that don't know any better... just don't know any better....
Nokia's been shipping phones with this camera for quite a while.

It's an excellent camera. Ctein made some prints from it and says it's good, and on these sorts of points I take his word as gospel. He's been one of the finest printers in the world for decades. The Online Photographer: Another Print Review: The Nokia's For Real

That said, it's not really a 41Mpixel camera, they do pixel binning and whatnot, so the results are not Nikon D800ish, they're not 4x5 negatives, but they are jaw-dropping for a phone, and objectively excellent.
I wonder what the file size will be. It says the phone will only come with 32gb and no way to switch out memory cards.
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41 mp duck faces. Just what the world was waiting for.
A few of the lowlights from the article:

“Microsoft needs to appeal to consumers with something and they’re unlikely to match Apple and Google’s app system,” said Avi Greengart, a research director at Current Analysis Inc.“The camera may be it.”

"One of the first smartphone makers, Nokia dominated with a global market share topping 50 percent before AppleÂ’s iPhone and Google Inc.Â’s Android software were introduced about six years ago. NokiaÂ’s market share has since collapsed to about 3 percent, according to IDC. The slump has pushed Nokia to losses and forced it to cancel its dividend for the first time in at least 143 years."

"NokiaÂ’s debt rating was cut last week one step deeper into junk by Standard & PoorÂ’s, which said the handset makerÂ’s net cash may tumble ..."

Yeah, a new high-rez phone will rescue these guys.
Yeah, Nokia hired a guy out of Microsoft to save them and, surprise, his solution was 'We'll commit fully and one hundred percent to Mobile Windows, because this time, unlike the last 30 cracks Microsoft has made at this, it's genuinely awesome'

It's really a shame, the camera is pretty startling. Nokia's always been sound on the hardware side.
Yeah, Micro$loth, to the

My favorite was their Windows CE operating system, which quickly earned the name "Wince".

What a bunch of tools.

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