The harsh realities of photo journalism


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Jul 10, 2009
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I know this forum isn't for politics but after reading this I really wanted to share it. This photo is very famous, I'm sure the majority of you are aware of it. But for those who haven't seen it before and are wanting to get into photo journalism, just prepare yourself for the things you might see.

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Well known photograph... for both the photo (and the Pulitzer it won) as well as the impact it had on the viewers and more importantly the photographer himself.

I would surmise war photographers face this each time they are inserted into a war zone....

You should also watch the documentary "War Photographer" about James Natchwey
I had not seen that one, but images like that and others can change cultures.
Very powerful photograph indeed.
No harsher than any other occupation/hobby.
Is this a serious post?

Uh huh, it sure is. Suicide isn't limited to this profession, thus it's not any more/less harsh than many others.

Acclaimed doctor commits suicide over work pressure

More suicides at France Telecom

Report: Military needs new office to stem suicides

Suicide calls soar in Allegan County

Suicides, depression cost Japanese economy 2.7 trillion yen in 2009

Army suicides hitting close to home

And I won't go into the suicide bombers who's job it is to kill themselves while trying to kill US.

I'm not saying the image isn't powerful or that the outcome isn't disturbing, I'm just sayin' ;)

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