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Aug 19, 2007
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can i pm someone who has pushed the ignore button onme?

can i find out anywhere who has pressed the ignore button on me?:(
am i on your ignore list?
LOL, I can't see either.............hello? Is there someone out there?????????????
BTW-said what? You're gonna have to put a quote in Chris.
are you both joking or am i on your ignore list.

nothing anybody would say to me would make me press the ignore button i just find it amusing
Can you ignore yourself. Today I would like to ignore my self since my kids do it .. when I say clean up your mess or I will sell you to the gypsys..THEY IGNORE ME... They have an internal ignore button.. that only they can see... Is that how it is here?

Am I on anyones ignore list?
All I hear in this thread is the wind blowing... is it actually possible that I have ignored everyone?

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