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May 13, 2005
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Mansi.... these are so good... i love the child looking at the camera...

its a wonderful shot of them...

miss you so much......cant wait til your out and about and get more shots...
Very nice Mansi! The first shot makes me feel as if I was right there with the kids - the mood is wonderful! The second one has me wondering about the papers behind the window. Great work as always!!
great shots mans, love the colours in these... you must have a load of em in your archives... like raven said, hope you can do more soon too :thumbup:
thank you raven... cant wait to be able to get out and shoot either! :D
and thanks a lot randog :D

well second shot... i must explain... the window grill actually has 1,2,3,4,5 etc etc on it ... it is kinda broken in places though ... it holds meaning for the people i was shooting this assignment for regarding school infrastructure etc etc
thanks arch! :D naw ... i have pretty much exhausted my resources ... so you may not be seeing some for a long while :(
yep...the eyes :D the eys are leading us right into the cool! leads me right to the boy leaning his head on his hand in the very back....nice work!
you have to look for a minute but the second pic has the detail that says 'school' if you look close at the metalwork in the shape of numbers...these two work well as a series.
good eye mansi. :thumbup:
thank you both :D
These are excellent Mansi. Love the shot of the kids payin attention to you and not the teacher.:)
thanks everyone :)

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