The man who loved me for a moment.


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Apr 12, 2005
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This gentleman is what we call a " Digger ".

It is a term used to describe a person in the armed services, usually referring to WW1 & WW2.

This is from the Anzac Day Parade held in Sydney.

I said to him " Do you mind if I take your photo?"
He replied " Why would anyone want to take my photo??"
"Because you're beautiful!"
" Oh my dear.. Has anyone told you today that they love you?"
I looked over at my boyfriend..
" Not yet "
" Well my dear, how about I tell you then.... I love you!" That's when I took his picture.
" You're adorable. Have a wonderful day! "

He was just adorable..

Some of these men are close to 80, yet they walk 6 km in a parade in their finest. Including dress shoes, not trainers. I had a beer with a few of them afterwards, they were passing around old photos from their time in the war. Reminising, remembering. Crying.
very special moment you captured.

love the story behind the picture too.

sadly there are fewer and fewer people still alive today who fought in the war. Lets hope they are never forgotten
Kudos to you, for having captured a wonderful portrait of this gentleman.

In the US, men and women who served during WW2 are considered members of the “Greatest Generation” because of the extraordinary sacrifices made by them. Unfortunately, this “Greatest Generation” has been all but forgotten by our government, leaving many of these heroic men and women living in poverty. It is shameful.

I truly hope the Australian government treats their veterans better than the US does.
Such a great photo and you caught a great expression!
Great story and fantastic picture to go along with it :)
Beautiful shot, and I love the story with it. :thumbup:

Wonderful job, Katie. :) Thanks for posting!
Wow. I have seen a lot of great shots on this site but I have to admit, I like this one the most. You did a wonderful job.
Treasure that shot because the old vets are leaving us fast.
Superb, the story makes the photo, but I just think men of this generation have such rich history, and it shows in their faces. Well done.

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