The new message reply box

Mine is fine, actually it's bigger than PL's reply box

How much bigger can it get


Well, Battou, that is the "Go Advanced" size, but the Quick Reply Box IS tiny ever since some parts of the forum have been "patched" of late.
! Now that is one tiny little box,
! very hard to see what you have typed
yeah but that only makes it taller and not wider.

Clicking on the SWITCH EDITOR MODE button (the one with 2 A's) makes it a bit longer
but I'm sure it was a lot longer before
Sorry, folks - it is as Corinna mentioned above: Karissa ran a vBulletin patch recently, and the smaller Quick Reply box was a direct outcome - we don't know why. It functions (that's the main thing) but the dimensions were buggered. She will have to manually adjust it, if that's even possible - and it may be a while before it's resolved. In the meantime, you might adjust it as best you can with the methods described between Matt and LP.

All other functions appear to have been unaffected by the patch. Sorry for the inconvenience!
I agree with all others that the box is horrible. maybe it has been adjusted for handheld devices with small screens ;)
You'd assume that, but if I want to amend that sort of thing in the skins for my b2evolution blog, you have to get into the PHP files and work out which bits of the CSS you have to alter.

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