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Dec 14, 2003
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Well..halloween is fast approaching, so some of us haunters have been trying to come up with new, wierd, ideas for our actors to wear. I have always had this idea in my head.
This is The Silencer. He stitches his victims mouth closed, so they cant scream, and then takes your life.


The picture is not the greatest, and Im sure the make up person at Screamfest will be able to do a much better job then my cheesy photoshop skills.
woha..... man this is great..... and your ps skills are far from cheesy..... this looks EVIL!..... love the idea and story with it..... could easily be a horror flick character...... great work chiller..... always diggin your creativity. :thumbup:
I was sitting here eating my morning Raisin Bran and opened this up..needless to say, I wound up getting a raisin lodged in my throat when I opened it. It scared this mama! hahaha
Great work Chiller!
OMG!! I remember you telling me about this guy, but the visual still leaves me breathless. Scary as hell!! :lol:

You do such great work with this kind of thing, Carl. Geez, why aren't you in Hollywood? ;)
Maan, Chiller, you are one sick person. :lol:

I dig this post, the story, the shot, and last but not least - your PS skills!
For some reason this reminds me of the movie Jeepers Creepers, where the evil dude borrows (well takes) body parts from different people. Maybe it's the stiches.I like the way your dark outfit fades into the background. Really adds to the dissembodied effect.:D
Thank you all so much for all your comments and awesome replies. I really appreciate it.
I will be showing this idea in a few weeks at Scarefest, a local halloween gathering. SHould be good for a hoot.
Thanks again.

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