The Sleeping Giants

Dwayne Oakes

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Dec 28, 2008
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Ontario, Canada
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Thanks for taking a look !
Nikon D80/Nikkor 18-70mm/Nikon Capture NX2

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Dwayne Oakes

Interesting Dwayne. I really like the angle. My eye is drawn to the symmetry of dark and light split horizontal field and then with the light tree bough mirrored in the dark pine cones. Very cool.
So did you take 2 pictures or did you soften one to overlay?
The POV is what makes this photo (next to the application of the Orton-effect, which looks good here!), I really like that you flopped onto your belly for this (or at least I like to think that you did!!! ;) ). It's really inspiring - I should check out unusual POVs much more often than I do!!!
Very surreal - well processed.

Very beautiful photo. Inspired post processing. I love it
Amazing, talk about inspiring! I go on lots of hikes with my camera, trying to find interesting things to photograph... and this simple pile of pine cones in the woods is so amazing it's unreal! Thanks for the picture as well as the info!

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