The Stare-down

JE Kay

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Mar 12, 2009
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SW Ontario
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Not sure where to put this so I decided Black & White would do. Another WIP to be used for another piece, but I kinda like it on it's own. If you have any suggestions and/or ideas please fire away. ;)

are you trying to convey that the stare down is between the horse in focus and the horse whose ears are on the bottom of the frame?

if so, i would get the point more clearly if I could see a little more of the horse on the bottom. As it is right now the horse on the bottom of the frame just annoys me a little.

Or if you would rather it look like the horse is staring you down, you could try a profile crop rather than landscape with the long face of the horse filling the longer frame...

anyway, those are just my thoughts...
Actually the name is just something I threw on it.
It's being used as reference for and oil on linen. I know what you mean, it can be kinda distracting with the horse in the foreground like that. This sort of look gets used a lot with some equine art, horses looking over or from behind another horse. A lot of people like it in paintings and artwork but sometimes it doesn't look right in the photo. I think in the painting more of the horse in the foreground will be added for sure. One of the bonuses with painting. ;)

Thanks for the FB, maybe I'll crop one of the other ones I shot from this series, they're shot portrait, and post it up as well. :thumbup:

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